About the Gun Class offered by Attorney and NRA Instructor Eric Puryear

I have been an NRA Instructor for nearly as long as I have been an attorney. Several years before becoming an NRA instructor, I created the website, with the purpose of advancing gun rights and gun safety knowledge. Over the years I have given the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons class to employees, friends, relatives, and others. Sometimes I’ve given one-on-one classes, and other times I’ve had groups up to a dozen people at once. I find giving firearms-related training to be a enjoyable way to spend some of my free time. I also handle gun rights restoration matters in Iowa and Illinois.

As an attorney, I have represented many clients with firearms-related cases, ranging from FFL issues with the BATFE, to self defense shootings, to various firearms possession charges. Through the course of representing my clients in their cases, more often than not I am left with the conclusion that things could have been much easier for the client if only I could have gone back in time and given them information before their case became a case at all. Since it is impossible to go back in time and give a person firearms and law information, the next best option is to get that information to people before they need it – and that is the purpose of this class. This class does not include time spent firing a gun, but rather covers knowledge. I encourage everyone to obtain hands-on range training and stay proficient, but my focus is primarily upon knowledge.

I offer a firearms consultation to those who are interested:

A live, one-on-one telephone or in-office consultation with me (Attorney Eric Puryear) to discuss firearms and self defense law.
We will spend about 45 minutes addressing use of force law and any other questions you may have about guns and self defense. This is not a permit to carry weapons training class that provides a completion certificate. Instead, it is a chance to discuss self defense law with an attorney who has taken self defense gun use cases to trial. I created this option as I have had many people over the years want to talk to me about guns and self defense after obtaining their permit to carry weapons in Iowa or their concealed carry license in Illinois. The cost is $100.00, and this is a non-refundable purchase that allows you to schedule time on my calendar.
Click here to make that purchase for $100.