LED lighting at Puryear Law

Years ago, Puryear Law converted office lighting from florescent to LED. The result is better lighting in the office that both reduces eye strain and saves electricity. We have also converted our parking lot lighting to use LEDs instead of the less efficient lights that are commonly used outdoors, while a light sensor ensure the … Read more

Composters for Puryear Law Employees

Puryear Law believes in reducing environmental harm, both at the office and at home. For that reason, Puryear Law has purchased home composters for employees, allowing those employees to turn food waste that would have otherwise gone to the landfill into rich soil for gardening at home.  As an added bonus, the (securely confetti-cut) paper … Read more

Efficient Computers and office equipment at Puryear Law

Computers, scanners, printers, and other office equipment are essential these days.  But, that same equipment can greatly add to an office’s electrical consumption.  At Puryear Law, we make a point of selecting energy-efficient equipment. That includes computers, monitors, postage machines, copiers, scanners, and a whole host of other items.  We have found that careful decision … Read more

Smart Thermostats at Puryear Law

Unnecessarily heating and cooling office space when it is unoccupied leads to tremendous waste of natural resources and pointless pollution. It also wastes money.  For that reason, Puryear Law has long used smart programmable thermostats to maintain a comfortable office temperature when the office is occupied, while avoiding wasted electricity and natural gas when the … Read more

Sustainable meals at Puryear Law

The people at every office have to eat, and Puryear Law is no different.  But, we try our best to reduce the environmental impact of our meals.  By using sustainable plates made from sugar cane, sustainable paper towels made from bamboo, sustainable cutlery, sustainable cups, and other such items we are able to reduce our … Read more

Plug-in Electric vehicles at Puryear Law

All attorneys at Puryear Law are provided with plug-in electric vehicles by the firm.  That means that most of our trips to court and commutes to the office can be made without burning gasoline.  At Puryear Law, we pride ourselves on getting important legal work done while also protecting the environment.

Recycling at Puryear Law

To help protect the environment, Puryear Law has a recycling dumpster that is as large as our trash dumpster.  We recycle many products that we use in our office, and make a point of selecting office supplies that are both recyclable and that are made from previously-recycled materials. Employees are encouraged to bring recyclables from … Read more

Bicycling to work at Puryear Law

Puryear Law employees are known for their love of bicycling. In addition to providing a great form of exercise, commuting to work by bicycle also helps the environment. While cycling to work isn’t an option for every employee every day (due to the need to drive to court), there are some days that attorneys and … Read more

Wind Powers Puryear Law

At Puryear Law, most of our electrical power comes from wind turbines. That percentage has been steadily increasing over the years, as Iowa is one of the leading wind power generating states in America. Since our attorneys travel to court in plug-in electric vehicles and can charge those vehicles at our office, the environmental benefit … Read more

Carbon offset at Puryear Law

At Puryear Law, we know that there is only one earth and that we should do our part as a law firm to help the environment. That is why we take a variety of steps, to include purchasing carbon offsets through TerraPass. Using donations from Puryear Law and many other individuals and businesses, TerraPass funds … Read more

Attorney Jack A. Schwartz Suspended from the Practice of Law in Iowa and Illinois

The Supreme Court of Iowa and the Supreme Court of Illinois have both issued Orders that suspend the law licenses of lawyer Jack Allen Schwartz.  Jack A. Schwartz’s office is located in Rock Island, Illinois, and prior to being suspended he worked as an attorney in both IA and IL. The attorneys at Puryear Law … Read more

Police Brutality Issues

At Puryear Law, we have proudly represented clients in civil rights cases where we have opposed police brutality and racism for many years.  The following links provide more information about our activism on those fronts:   https://www.learnaboutguns.com/category/other/politics/police-brutality/   http://pgjustice.com/

Cryptocurrency Payments Now Accepted

At Puryear Law, we have always prided ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology while still also providing clients with the sort of face-to-face legal services that can put their minds at ease.  In keeping with that tradition, we are pleased to announce that we now support payment in cryptocurrency, to include Bitcoin … Read more

Causes of Action for Police Misconduct and Brutality

In terms of filing a lawsuit for police misconduct, there are several federal and state causes of action. In terms of a federal cause of action, a claim is typically brought under 42 U.S.C. section 1983. This section provides that [e]very person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any … Read more

$3,000 Jury Verdict Against Lawyer Jack A. Schwartz for Legal Malpractice

After two days of trial, a jury in Rock Island County, Illinois returned a verdict on January 11, 2017 in case 2012LM63.  That case was a legal malpractice and breach of contract lawsuit against Jack A. Schwartz, an attorney from Rock Island, IL. The verdict was against Jack A. Schwartz for $3,000 was due to Mr. Schwartz’s improper handling of … Read more

Debt Collection in Iowa

In Iowa, several laws protect consumers. One law is the Iowa Debt Collection Practices Act, which applies to creditors, debt collectors, and collection agencies and prohibits them from engaging in deceptive and abusive collection tactics. The other one is the Iowa Consumer Credit Code, which prohibits creditors from engaging in abusive collection practices.

Read more

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