Iowa Felony Sentences

Felony charges in Iowa come in 4 different classes, with different penalties depending upon the class of felony and the charge.  This article addresses those felony sentences in Iowa.

Illinois Felony Sentences

Felonies in the state of Illinois come in several different classes, each which has a different range of prison terms and other penalties.  This article discusses those felony classes and punishments in Illinois.

The Preliminary Hearing in an Iowa Criminal Case

Under Iowa law, a person accused of a crime more serious than a Simple Misdemeanor (which would be a Serious Misdemeanor, Aggravated Misdemeanor, or a Felony), is entitled to a Preliminary Hearing under some

Who is Prohibited from Possessing a Gun?

There are laws at the Federal and State levels that prohibit certain people from possessing a firearm.  These laws can be rather complex, and a person who is charged with unlawfully possessing a gun generally cannot avoid criminal liability by saying that they did not know they were prohibited.  This article discusses the general categories of people who are barred from possessing guns, and some of the related situations that often arise.

A Self Defense Gun Case from Rock Island County, Illinois

Earlier this year, I had the honor of representing a woman named Judy, who used her gun to defend herself, her sister, and her sister-in-law after they were violently attacked in a parking lot in Rock Island County, Illinois. Much to her surprise, Judy was charged in Case Number 2010CF1076 in Rock Island County, Illinois, after telling the police about the attack she suffered. After a variety of motion hearings, we proceeded to a jury trial on February 7, 2012. … Continued