Spyware and Other Snooping During a Divorce

Those involved in a divorce case are sometimes tempted to use spyware or other snooping techniques to spy upon their spouse.  Such spying is not favored by the courts in Illinois or Iowa, and can even result in criminal charges.

Computer Spyware and Malware Charges in Iowa

Iowa Code Section 715 provides various definitions and charges that relate to computer spyware and malware.  This law imposes criminal penalties upon certain actions relating to spyware and malware.  The relevant sections of the Iowa code are discussed below:

Finding Hidden Assets During a Divorce Case

In divorce cases, it is not uncommon for a spouse to try and hide assets from the other spouse and the legal system.  It is important to properly handle such attempts to hide assets.

Constitutional Expert Jonathan Turley on Privacy – C-SPAN Video

Below is a video interview and question and answer session with  Constitutional Expert Jonathan Turley, which aired on C-SPAN.  Given the implications of mass surveillance and privacy upon every area of law – especially criminal defense – the video is certainly worth watching.  That is especially true given the recent attempts to argue for insecure backdoors in encryption.