Firearms and Puryear Law

About Firearms and Attorney Eric D. Puryear

I have been an NRA Instructor for nearly as long as I have been an attorney. Several years before becoming an NRA instructor, I created the website, with the purpose of advancing gun rights and gun safety knowledge. Over the years I have given the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons class to employees, friends, relatives, and others. Sometimes I’ve given one-on-one classes, and other times I’ve had groups up to a dozen people at once. I find giving firearms-related training to be a enjoyable way to spend some of my free time. I also handle gun rights restoration matters in Iowa and Illinois. As an attorney, I have represented many clients with firearms-related cases, ranging from FFL issues with the BATFE, to creation of gun trusts, and self defense shootings, to various firearms possession charges.

I offer the following firearms-related services: