“2nd Chance” DUI License Law in Illinois

In August 2015, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a law that allows those with four or more DUI convictions to obtain a driver’s license again, with certain conditions.

To briefly summarize, this new Illinois law allows those who meet certain sobriety requirements to obtain a restricted driving permit once five years has passed since their last driver’s license revocation (or release from prison).  The restricted driving permit is conditioned upon the installation of an ignition interlock device, which requires the user to take a breath test for alcohol prior to starting their car.  Should a person be convicted of a DUI after obtaining the restricted driving permit, they are forever barred from obtaining another such permit in Illinois

Handling driver’s license issues after a DUI in Illinois can be a complex area of law.  The outcome can be of great significance for a person, as not being able to drive can affects just about every area of life, from employment, to education, to child-related matters.  The process, particularly the “formal hearing” that is held in either Springfield, IL or Chicago, IL, can take essentially the entire day and is procedurally different from many other types of hearings.  For that reason I recommend that anyone with a driver’s license issue consult with an attorney who handles such matters.

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