Marijuana Possession Charges in Iowa

Iowa bans use or possession of marijuana in Iowa code section 124 et. seq. That law makes it a Serious Misdemeanor for a person to possess marijuana for personal use.  Possession with the intent to deliver to another person is a felony.

Iowa law also imposes a 6 month driver’s license suspension if a person is convicted of possession of marijuana.  Often this driver’s license issue is the most troubling aspect of a marijuana charge in Iowa, as a driver’s license loss can have profound effects upon a person’s ability to travel for school, work, and other purposes.

Those convicted of drug offenses, to include possession of marijuana in Iowa, may also face restrictions that prevent them from obtaining student loans, restrictions on access to public housing, and other consequences.

Repeat offenses can result in more significant charges, up to and including an Aggravated Misdemeanor which can result in a prison sentence of 2 years.

Handling a marijuana possession charge in Iowa properly is important, due to both the criminal penalties and the other possible consequences (e.g. the driver’s license suspension).  The good news is that marijuana possession charges in Iowa can sometimes be resolved through a deferred judgment or other favorable resolution that avoids a loss of one’s driver’s license.  For that reason, it is wise for a person accused of marijuana possession to seek an attorney at once.

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