No Insurance Tickets (Driving Without Liability Coverage) in Iowa

In Iowa, the requirement to have motor vehicle insurance is set forth in Iowa Code section 321.20B, which stated in relevant part that “Notwithstanding chapter 321A, which requires certain persons to maintain proof of financial responsibility, a person shall not drive a motor vehicle on the highways of this state unless financial liability coverage, as defined in section 321.1, subsection 24B, is in effect for the motor vehicle and unless the driver has in the motor vehicle the proof of financial liability coverage card issued for the motor vehicle, or if the vehicle is registered in another state, other evidence that financial liability coverage is in effect for the motor vehicle.

The law requiring insurance for motor vehicles applies to most people who drive in Iowa.  There are certain limited exceptions to this rule, such as some larger fleet operators who are self-insured and have issued the appropriate certificate of self-insurance under Iowa law.

Operating a vehicle without insurance in Iowa is a simple misdemeanor, punishable by a fine.  However, a conviction for driving without insurance in Iowa can result in a driver’s license suspension and the requirement that a driver carry the (more expensive) SR-22 insurance.  For those reasons, it is wise to recognize that a no-insurance ticket in Iowa is a serious matter that is important to handle properly.

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