Documenting Visitation Interference

A parent who is facing visitation interference should carefully document and report that interference, so that their attorney can properly use that evidence in court to resolve the problem.

Stopping visitation interference is important for both the child and the parent, as interrupted contact between a child and parent are harmful to everyone.  Since there is no such time as a time machine, missed time with a child cannot be recreated.  As such visitation interference is something that should be stopped promptly.

A parent who is willing to interfere with visitation is also often willing to lie about that interference in court.  That makes it important to properly document the visitation interference, so that it can be addressed in court.

As an attorney who handles such visitation interference, I work with my clients to determine the best way to document visitation interference in each situation.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as different situations are best handled in different ways.  Differences in state laws concerning audio recording come into play, as do the specific terms in an existing court Order for visitation.

Keeping facebook posts and text messages is also important, as such electronic evidence is often of great use when dealing with visitation interference.  Since those messages will be used in court, it is important that a person whose visitation was interfered with to keep calm and refrain from saying or posting anything that would make them look bad in court.  For example, a person who was wrongly denied a visit with their child should not send threatening or profane messages to or about the other parent.  Instead, the best thing to do is keep one’s cool, document the issue, and consult with an attorney.  Properly addressing such matters in court is much more satisfying and effective.

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