Poaching Charges in Iowa

Poaching in Iowa is the crime committed when a person takes wildlife or fish without the proper permit. Iowa Code Section 483A.42 provides as follows:

A person who violates this chapter is guilty of a simple misdemeanor punishable as a scheduled violation under section 805.8B,
subsection 3, paragraph “e”. However, the scheduled fine specified in section 805.8B, subsection 3, paragraph “e”, does not apply to a violation of this chapter for which another scheduled fine is specified in section 805.8B, subsection 3.

Simple misdemeanors in Iowa are punishable by up to a 30 day jail sentence and/or a fine. Poaching in Iowa can result in fines much larger than that which are normally imposed for simple misdemeanors, and the fines for poaching can be quite significant.  That is especially true for bucks, as the the fine can be based upon the size of the antlers.

Property used in poaching, to include guns, boats, trucks, etc., can be seized from a person who is convicted. In addition, a person who is convicted of poaching in Iowa can be denied the ability to obtain a permit to harvest wildlife in the future in Iowa and other states.

A poaching charge is a serious one, and a person who is accused of poaching in Iowa is well advised to exercise their right to remain silent and seek an attorney at once. Handling a poaching accusation properly is vital to avoiding a criminal conviction, preserving a person’s hunting rights, and avoiding the loss of valuable property.

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