Determining the Proper State in which to Seek Gun Rights Restoration

These days, more people than ever end up moving from state to state.  That can create issues for people when it comes to seeking a restoration of gun rights, as some people are unsure whether they need to seek the restoration of their firearms rights in the state where the crime occurred or in the state where they now live.  Luckily, the answer is a simple one.

When seeking to have one’s gun rights restored, the correct place to do so in in the state were the criminal conviction, mental health commitment, or other disqualifying event occurred.  For example, a person with a felony conviction in Illinois would need to seek that restoration in Illinois, even if they now live in Iowa.  A person who has a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction in Iowa would need to seek to have their gun rights restored in Iowa, even if they now live in Illinois.

As a lawyer who is also an NRA-certified instructor, I find gun-related case to be some of the most rewarding to handle for our clients.  Seeking a restoration of gun rights for a person who has a conviction or other disqualifying event in Illinois or Iowa and have since lived a law-abiding life is something that I find to be especially rewarding.

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