Handling Iowa Criminal Charges from Out-of-State

Many people charged with criminal and traffic offenses in Iowa are from out of state (and sometimes quite far from the county in Iowa where the charges are pending).  In such a case, it is prudent for the out-of-state person with the pending charge to seek an attorney in Iowa.  At Puryear Law, we represent many such clients from out of state.

Criminal charges can be unpleasant, and even downright scary in some cases.  That is especially true for people who are from out of state and face a criminal charge in Iowa.  For such individuals, finding an attorney and properly handling the case is of great importance.  At Puryear Law, we understand that situation, as many of our Iowa criminal defense clients are from out of state.  In recognition of that fact, we structure our procedures to as to accommodate out of state clients.  Our use of a secure online client portal, email, fax, and telephone appointments ensure that distance is no barrier to high quality legal representation.

One of the nicer things about Iowa’s legal system for those who are from out of state is that Iowa uses of electronic filing.  That means that an attorney in Iowa is able to quickly file documents in a criminal case anywhere in the state.  It also means that a person from out of state can more easily work with their attorney to sign documents and otherwise handle the case.  The net result is that Iowa criminal and traffic cases can sometimes be resolved in a favorable fashion without the client ever having to set foot in court.  Even in cases that require an appearance, electronic filing can make life much easier.

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Those who are from out of state and have a pending charge in Iowa are invited to see our consultation page.  Those people who retain an attorney in Iowa soon enough before their initial appearance, preliminary hearing, and arraignment dates can often avoid the need to appear in court for those dates.