Bribery in Sports Charges in Iowa

In Iowa, the crime of Bribery in Sports is defined by Iowa Code Section 722.3 as follows:

A person who offers, solicits, gives or receives anything of value or any benefit or promise of anything of value or any benefit, with the intent that the recipient thereof do any of the following, commits an aggravated misdemeanor:

1. If the person is a participant or prospective participant in any professional or amateur sport, match, or contest as a contestant or player, lose or in some way affect the outcome of such sport, match, or contest.

2. If the person is an umpire, referee, judge, or other official in any professional or amateur sport, match, or contest, or an owner, manager, coach, trainer or relative of any participant, use the person’s position or influence to affect the outcome of any such sport, match, or contest or the score thereof.

Bribery in Sports charges in Iowa apply to any person who is allegedly involved in the fixing of the sporting event, including the person paying the bribe, the player or referee receiving the bribe, etc.

The crime of Bribery in Sports in Iowa is an Aggravated Misdemeanor, which means the maximum penalty is 2 years in prison.  Additionally, there are generally sanctions imposed by schools, universities, and athletic and sporting associations in the event that a person is convicted of Bribery in Sports.

Anyone who is facing a Bribery in Sports charge in Iowa is well advised to exercise their right to remain silent, and seek an attorney at once.

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