The Legal Effect of Paying a Traffic Ticket

Many people do not realize the legal effect of paying a traffic ticket, and are surprised to learn that “just paying the ticket” is a plea of guilty that can have significant consequences.

When a person pays a traffic ticket, they are entering  a plea of guilty to the charge.  This is clearly stated on the traffic ticket, and makes sense from a legal perspective if one thinks about it.  Despite those facts, people are often surprised to learn that they have convictions on their record for speeding or other traffic offenses when the “just paid the ticket.”

Traffic convictions can result in significant consequences in many cases.  For example, a sufficient number of speeding tickets in Illinois or Iowa will result in a person’s driver’s license being suspended.  That “sufficient number” can be as low as a single ticket in certain cases.  Indeed, I have represented clients who were facing the loss of their driver’s license after a single ticket due to the amount of speed by which they had allegedly violated the speed limit.

Younger drivers are also particularly affected by a traffic convictions in Iowa and Illinois.  That is because a conviction as a teenager or young adult can result in a suspension of driving privileges, even when the exact same conviction for a person who was older would not result in any suspension.  Fair or not, the law is stricter for younger drivers, and that must be remembered by such drivers.

Finally, a person’s insurance rates can go up dramatically due to traffic tickets.  Such an increase in a person’s insurance rates can cost that person hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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At Puryear Law, have represented clients in every manner of criminal case, ranging from speeding tickets to first degree murder.  We understand the importance of every case, to include traffic citations.  Those who are facing a traffic citation are encouraged to see our Consultation Options to discuss their situation today.