Cryptocurrency Payments Now Accepted

At Puryear Law, we have always prided ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology while still also providing clients with the sort of face-to-face legal services that can put their minds at ease.  In keeping with that tradition, we are pleased to announce that we now support payment in cryptocurrency, to include Bitcoin and Litecoin (which can be purchased or mined).  More information can be seen on our cryptocurrency payment page.

$3,000 Jury Verdict Against Lawyer Jack A. Schwartz for Legal Malpractice

After two days of trial, a jury in Rock Island County, Illinois returned a verdict on January 11, 2017 in case 2012LM63.  That case was a legal malpractice and breach of contract lawsuit against Jack A. Schwartz, an attorney from Rock Island, IL. The verdict was against Jack A. Schwartz for $3,000 was due to Mr. Schwartz’s improper handling of his representation of a former client of his.  The attorneys and staff of Puryear Law P.C. were quite pleased to help a deserving person obtain justice … Continued

An Advertising Letter I Received from Racist (Former) Iowa Crime Laboratory Analyst Amy Pollpeter about her new company Forensic DNA Consulting Resources

I previously discussed the firing of racist Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation Crime Lab analyst Amy Pollpeter. On August 19, 2016 I received an unsolicited advertising letter from her, offering her services as an expert witness in connection with her new company Forensic DNA Consulting Resources. For the reasons discussed below, I certainly will not purchase her services and cannot imagine how any attorney in their right mind would want to do so either.

Firearm Sound Suppressors (“Silencers”) Legalized in Iowa

On March 31, 2016, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed the Hearing Protection Act, House File 2279, into law. The Hearing Protection Act legalizes the possession of sound suppressors and the use of sound suppressors for hunting in Iowa. This change bring Iowa into line with the 41 other states that

Federal Counterfeit Postage Charges

Federal law provides felony charges for those accused of counterfeiting postage stamps, postage meter stamps, and postcard postage. That federal law, 18 U.S.C. 501, provides as follows:

Constitutional Expert Jonathan Turley on Privacy – C-SPAN Video

Below is a video interview and question and answer session with  Constitutional Expert Jonathan Turley, which aired on C-SPAN.  Given the implications of mass surveillance and privacy upon every area of law – especially criminal defense – the video is certainly worth watching.  That is especially true given the recent attempts to argue for insecure backdoors in encryption.

Illinois “Heart Balm” Lawsuits Abolished, Effective January 1, 2016

The term of legal causes of action (lawsuits) where a person sues another over a “matter of the heart” have long been referred to as “heart balm” lawsuits.  Illinois is in the minority of states that allow such causes of action, although that comes to an end on January 1, 2016.

Iowa Supreme Court Limits Warantless Vehicle Searches

On December 11, 2015, the Iowa Supreme Court released its ruling in IN THE MATTER OF PROPERTY SEIZED FROM ROBERT PARDEE, No. 14–0029, which limits the ability of police to engage in warantless vehicle searches.

Iowa Supreme Court Rules that Iowa Law Allows Drinking on Front Porch and Front Steps of Houses

On June 22, 2013, just before midnight, Waterloo police responded to a 911 call. In the process of handling that call, they arrested a woman who had stood on her own front porch for public intoxication, after determining that the woman was drunk. The woman was convicted at a trial of public intoxication. On appeal, the Iowa Supreme Court reversed the conviction, finding that the front steps and porch of a single family home are not a public place and … Continued