Below are just a few of the positive testimonials, comments, and references that have been made about Attorney Eric D. Puryear and Puryear Law P.C. over the years by clients and other attorneys:

“Thank you!” – Client J. C.

“Eric’s performance was nothing short of magnificent. He hit the ground running and never slowed down. He did a superb job time and time again, whether it was a routine legal matter or a complex and difficult legal issue. Eric has a razor-sharp mind. . . His legal research and writing products were superb, and his communication skills were just as impressive.” – Attorney Jerry L.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything . . . Thank you!” – Client J.B.

“There are three specific qualities that make Eric an outstanding candidate: His intellect; his maturity; and his work ethic.” – Attorney Mark S.

“We feel so much better now that you are on the case!” – Client T.B.

“Eric’s writing skills are good and his reasoning process is very good. . . He is bright, inquisitive, cooperative and very hard working. . . Eric is well liked in our office!” – Attorney Joanne H.

“Wow! Thanks for getting back so quick!! I’m impressed. . .” – Client R.S.

“In every instance, Mr. Puryear conducted himself in a very professional manner. The legal research he conducted was thorough; the conclusions he reached were well reasoned and objective; his writing skills were exemplary; and he presented himself as an articulate speaker. . . He exemplifies the ethical, hardworking legal skills needed to be a successful attorney.” – Attorney Mary F.

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