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Carrying Weapons Charges in Iowa

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For those who do not have an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons, it is crime to improperly carry a gun, knife, or other weapon. Iowa Code Section 724.4 defines the crime of Carrying Weapons as follows:

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Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person who goes armed with a dangerous weapon concealed on or about the person, or who, within the limits of any city, goes armed with a pistol or revolver, or any loaded firearm of any kind, whether concealed or not, or who knowingly carries or transports in a vehicle a pistol or revolver, commits an aggravated misdemeanor.

Other provision enhance the penalties for Carrying Weapons when a person also commits another crime.  For knives, the length of the blade will also affect the severity of the charge.  For example, a blade that is between 5 and 8 inches long will result in the charge being a Serious Misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a year in jail, instead of an Aggravated Misdemeanor, which is punishable by 2 years in prison.

A person who has a permit to carry weapons does not commit a crime by carrying weapons, as stated in Iowa Code section 724.4(i).

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Iowa law also provides exceptions to the carrying weapons law that applies to those who do not have a permit to carry weapons.  Iowa Code Section 724.4(a) states that a “person who goes armed with a dangerous weapon in the person’s own dwelling or place of business, or on land owned or possessed by the person” does not commit the crime of carrying weapons.

Since a carrying weapons charge is an aggravated misdemeanor, a conviction can bar a person from being able to lawfully possess a firearm in the future.  That is because Iowa’s aggravated misdemeanors can be punished by a 2 year prison sentence, and as a result the US federal government and many states consider aggravated misdemeanor convictions to be out-of-state felony convictions.

A person who is charged with carrying weapons in Iowa is wise to seek an attorney at once, as handing the case properly can be vital to preserving a person’s gun rights.

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As an attorney who is an avid firearms enthusiastNRA-certified instructor, and supporter of concealed carry, I find cases where I can help clients defend their gun rights to be some of the most rewarding.  I have represented clients in appeals of permit to carry denials, self defense shootings cases, felon in possession of a firearm cases, and many other type of gun-related legal matters.  That experience and passion for gun cases is something that I bring to each gun-related case that I handle for my clients.

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