Speeding Tickets in Iowa

Speeding ticket (citations) in Iowa are issued by the Iowa Highway Patrol, as well as local law enforcement from counties and cities.  Speeding in Iowa can result in a license suspension, insurance increases, or even jail time.

In the state of Iowa, unlike many states, speeding is classified as a type of misdemeanor (a simple misdemeanor).  Other simple misdemeanors in Iowa include a domestic battery without injury, or possession of a small amount of marijuana.  Unlike those offenses, speeding convictions in Iowa generally do not carry a sentence of jail time, although in cases where the speeding also constitutes reckless driving or the crime of drag racing, then the penalty is up to 30 days in the county jail.  Cases where there is an injury or death can also result in significant penalties in Iowa.

Aside from the possible criminal penalties, speeding in Iowa can also result in significant negative consequences as to a person’s driver’s license and insurance rates.  The Iowa DOT will suspend the driver’s license of individuals based upon speeding convictions. Just one conviction for speeding can be enough to result in a suspension, depending upon the speed and surrounding circumstances.  Insurance companies may also greatly increase a person’s insurance rates upon a conviction for speeding.

A person who is facing a speeding citation in Iowa is well advised to seek an attorney, has helping the prosecution and judge understand the circumstances surrounding the alleged speeding can go a long way towards reaching the most favorable resolution possible.

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