Hosting a Drug House Gathering Charges in Iowa

Iowa law bans the hosting of drug house gatherings (gatherings where controlled substances unlawfully used) in Iowa Code Section 124.407, which states that it is unlawful for any person to sponsor, promote, or aid, or assist in the sponsoring or promoting of a meeting, gathering, or assemblage with the knowledge or intent that a controlled substance be there distributed, used or possessed, in violation of this chapter.

Violations involving marijuana only are serious misdmeanors, which carry up to a year in the county jail.  If other controlled substances are involved, then the charge is a D felony, which carries up to a 5 year prison sentence.

The Iowa district court is also empowered by Iowa Code Section 124.407 to grant an injunction prohibiting such a gathering, if the court finds that the sponsors or promoters of the meeting, gathering, or assemblage have not taken reasonable means to prevent the unlawful distribution, use or possession of a controlled substance. Further injunctive relief may be granted against all persons furnishing goods or services to such meeting, gathering, or assemblage.  A person convicted of hosting a drug house gathering in Iowa can be ordered by the court to pay the costs of law enforcement activity that is related to such drug house gatherings.

In addition to the possible criminal penalties, a drug house gathering conviction can also cause a person problems with their landlord, home owner’s association, etc.  Thus, the financial consequences can go far beyond the fine and court costs associated with the charge itself.

A person who is facing a charge in Iowa of hosting gatherings where controlled substances unlawfully used is well advised to seek an attorney at once, since the consequences of a conviction can be quite serious.

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