Persons Ineligible for Permit to Carry Weapons in Iowa

Iowa Code section 724.8 provides a list of people who are ineligible for a permit to carry weapons under Iowa law:

No professional or nonprofessional permit to carry weapons shall be issued to a person who is subject to any of the following:

1. Is less than eighteen years of age for a professional permit or less than twenty-one years of age for a nonprofessional permit.

2. Is addicted to the use of alcohol.

3. Probable cause exists to believe, based upon documented specific actions of the person, where at least one of the actions occurred within two years immediately preceding the date of the permit application, that the person is likely to use a weapon unlawfully or in such other manner as would endanger the person’s self or others.

4. Is subject to the provisions of section 724.26.

5. Has, within the previous three years, been convicted of any serious or aggravated misdemeanor defined in chapter 708 not involving the use of a firearm or explosive.

6. Is prohibited by federal law from shipping, transporting, possessing, or receiving a firearm.

A person who is denied a permit to carry in Iowa has the right to appeal.

It is important to note that Iowa law is in some ways less restrictive than Federal law when it comes to firearm possession. That can result in a situation where a person is issued an Iowa permit to carry yet is actually prohibited by Federal law (and the State of Iowa did not know that when issuing the permit). Such a situation can lead to prosecution by the state of Iowa or the Federal government.  The fact that Iowa erroneously issued a permit to carry weapons will not save a person from such prosecution.

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As an attorney who is an avid firearms enthusiast, NRA-certified instructor, and supporter of concealed carry, I find cases where I can help clients defend their gun rights to be some of the most rewarding. I have represented clients in appeals of permit to carry denials, self defense shootings cases, felon in possession of a firearm cases, and many other type of gun-related legal matters. That experience and passion for gun cases is something that I bring to each gun-related case that I handle for my clients.