Matters to Discuss with a Lawyer During a Criminal Defense Consultation

A consultation is the first step in retaining an attorney to represent a person in a criminal case.  There are many matters that should be discussed during a criminal case consultation.

When a potential client consults with an attorney to discuss a criminal case, the purpose is for the attorney to get a basic understanding of what is alleged to have happened, and for the attorney to give the client information about how the case would proceed.  The attorney will gather facts about the case that allow the attorney to develop a game plan.  For example, the attorney may learn information about how a search of the client’s residence indicate that a Motion to Suppress may be a good strategy for the case.  Or, the client may share information about the events that transpired that suggest to the attorney that self defense may properly be raised in the case.  While every detail of the case is not discussed during the consultation, it is the starting point for such discussions.

The fee arrangement is also discussed during the consultation.  The facts that the attorney learns from the client give the attorney enough information to provide those financial details. The cost for representation in a criminal case will depend on factors such as the severity of the charges, the expected work that will need to be done to handle the case, etc.

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