Being Honest with One’s Attorney

As an attorney, I’ve seen a recurring theme: clients who are not fully honest with their lawyer. This is a problem because a lawyer who doesn’t know all of the fact of the case can’t develop the best possible legal strategy for that case. Worse yet, when a client isn’t truthful with his attorney, that missing information can lead to surprises at trial – surprises that can hurt the client’s case.

For those reasons, I tell my clients that it is in their best interest to tell me the entire truth.  I remind them that attorney-client confidentiality and privilege applies, meaning that I am ethically bound to keep what they tell me to myself.  I also explain that as an attorney, I am on the client’s side.  This means that no matter what they tell me, I won’t judge them.  Instead, I will use all of my legal training and experience to get them the best possible result.

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