Handling Illinois Criminal Charges from Out-of-State

Many of the people in Illinois who face a criminal or traffic charge are from out of state.  Indeed, it is easy for a visit to relatives or a vacation in Illinois to result in a traffic ticket or a more serious charge.  For such individuals, it is of great importance to handle the case properly.

Our law firm represents many people from out-of-state who have a criminal or traffic case in Illinois.  Our experience representing clients who are not from the area allows to be efficient and effective.  Our use of a secure online client portal, telephone appointments, and email ensure that we are able to communicate with our distant clients just as well as we can communicate with our local clients.  Our goal when representing a client who is not from the area is to help them resolve their case in the most favorable manner possible while minimizing the need to come to Illinois for court.

Those from out of state with a criminal or traffic case in Illinois are invited to see our Consultation page.

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