The Harm Caused by Iowa DHS and Illinois DCFS in False Child Abuse Accusation Cases

Accusations of child abuse, even when false, can have a profound and harmful effect upon many aspects of a person’s life.  For that reason, properly handling such false abuse accusations that are investigated by Iowa DHS or Illinois DCFS is of great importance.

A sad part of human nature is the fact that some people will make up false accusations against other people, and that some of the people whose job it is to investigate will blindly believe the accusation even when it is untrue.  That part of human nature was behind the more notable “witch hunts” in human history, and continues in many false child abuse (or dependent adult abuse) cases today in Iowa and Illinois.  It is a sad fact that many of these cases result in completely innocent people suffering great harm.

Criminal charges are one of the most serious possible outcomes of a false accusation of child abuse.  In many cases, such as child sexual abuse accusations, a person may risk decades in prison if convicted.

Juvenile court cases are also often filed in cases where child abuse is alleged.  Such court proceedings can result in the State taking a person’s child from their home, and even the termination of parental rights.

Employment consequences from child abuse accusations can be significant.  Some individuals, such as doctors, nurses, CNAs, daycare providers, etc., can lose the ability to work in their chosen occupation if they are found to have committed child abuse.

Custody issues, such as loss of custody of a child, can also occur when there is a false child abuse accusation.  Indeed, a false accusation of abuse from one child can result in negative consequences for custody of other children.

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Social stigma is also a serious concern, especially in higher profile cases such as ones where child sexual abuse is claimed.  The sad fact is that newspapers will spend significant time reporting on accusations and charges, while spending little to no time reporting that a criminal case was dismissed or a person was found not guilty after a trial.  That social stigma can be a significant source of stress for a person who is falsely accused.

Handling a false accusation that is being investigated by Illinois DCFS or Iowa DHS is important.  That is just as true when a person is innocent.  Indeed, many people who are innocent believe that their innocence means they have to worry about, and as a result are lulled into a false sense of security with disastrous results.  For those reasons, anyone who is facing a DHS or DCFS investigation is wise to remain silent and seek an attorney at once.  Doing so can minimize the grief and negative legal effects from such an untrue accusation.

As an attorney who has represented a great many innocent people who have been falsely accused of child abuse in the states of Illinois and Iowa, I know that many people are innocent and take pride in providing my clients with the defense they deserve.