The Importance of the Initial Conversation with Iowa DHS or Illinois DCFS

Having a DHS, HHS, or DCFS worker appear at your door can be one of the most upsetting and scary things to happen in your entire life. That is true whether you are a parent, a daycare provider, a nurse, or anyone else accused of some sort of child abuse/neglect or dependent adult abuse/neglect. Often, … Read more

Iowa DHS/HHS Appeal Hearings now take place by Video instead of Telephone

Historically, those appealing a founded or confirmed Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) or Health and Human Services (HHS) report of child abuse/neglect or dependent adult abuse/neglect had two options for their hearing: in-person in Des Moines, Iowa or by telephone. This year, the telephone option was eliminated and future hearings are being set by … Read more

The Harm Caused by Iowa DHS and Illinois DCFS in False Child Abuse Accusation Cases

Accusations of child abuse, even when false, can have a profound and harmful effect upon many aspects of a person’s life.  For that reason, properly handling such false abuse accusations that are investigated by Iowa DHS or Illinois DCFS is of great importance.

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Why DHS and DCFS are in Such a Hurry to Talk to People (Yet then take Weeks to Complete their Reports)

Iowa DHS and Illinois DCFS workers are often in a hurry to speak with a person who is being investigated for child abuse or neglect.  There is a reason for that rush, and it is not something that benefits justice or the person who is under investigation.

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Substantial Risk of Physical Injury / Environment Injurious to Health and Welfare in Illinois DCFS Cases

In situations where Illinois DCFS has become involved, there may be an allegation that a child has been subjected to a Substantial Risk of Physical Injury / Environment Injurious to Health and Welfare.  That allegation in Illinois (DCFS Allegation #60) is defined as follows:

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Special Considerations for Daycare Operators when Dealing with Iowa DHS

The Department of Human Services in Iowa handles both the licensing of daycare operators and child abuse/neglect investigations in Iowa.  When a person who operates a daycare is accused of child abuse or child neglect in Iowa, they face both the standard concerns anyone would face, as well as concerns about their livelihood and ability to continue operating a daycare.

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Things to Remember when Talking to DHS in Iowa or DCFS in Illinois

When a DHS (in Iowa) or DCFS (in Illinois) become involved in a person’s life due to child abuse or neglect allegations, they often do so by making an unannounced visit and requesting that a person speak with them.  How that conversation is handled can have a significant impact upon the rest of the case.

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Inaccurate DHS (In Iowa) and DCFS (in Illinois) Reports

The Department of Human Services (DHS) in Iowa, and its counterpart the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in Illinois, are responsible for investigating child abuse accusations. Sadly, many of their reports inaccurately assign blame for child abuse, or claim that abuse exists when there has not been any abuse at all.

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Appealing a Founded DCFS Child Abuse Report in Illinois

In Illinois, the Department of Children and Family Services is the state agency that handles the investigation of child abuse and child neglect accusations.  In situations where the DCFS worker assigned to the case believes that child abuse or neglect has occurred, a “founded” report will be produced.  In some cases, such a founded report will result in a person being added to Illinois’ child abuse database, called the State Central Register, which can have significant negative

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