Puryear Law at the USCCA Expo

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) invited me (Attorney Eric D. Puryear) and several other attorneys from across the country to attend and speak at their Expo in Milwaukee, WI. It was a wonderful experience!

For those unfamiliar with USCCA, it is a leading organization that provides law-abiding citizens with firearms training and an insurance policy that protects members who end up needing to act in self defense.  That insurance policy is a huge benefit for members. I have represented multiple clients who used their gun in self defense, were charged with a crime (despite their innocence), and had USCCA come to the rescue. USCCA paid many thousands of dollars to bond the clients out of jail, and then paid many thousands of dollars to my firm to defend those clients.  The same insurance policy also provides for protection against civil lawsuits.  I really can’t overstate how prudent it is for gun owners to have protection through the USCCA.

Turning back to the USCCA Expo, it was an event with thousands of people in attendance over 3 days. I and other attorneys gave presentations on the law and fielded questions from law-abiding gun owners as part of attorney panels.  Having a change to chat with fellow gun rights supporting attorneys who, like me, take self defense cases to trial was also quite professionally interesting.  Spending time shopping at the expo was the icing on the cake, and I left with several new firearms accessories and training tools.

Below are a few pictures from the USCCA Expo:

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Attorney Eric Puryear and several other attorneys at the USCCA expo Attorney Eric Puryear standing in front of the schedule at the USCCA expo A sign discussing the realistic training at the USCCA expo The main floor at the USCCA expo