Seeking Executive Clemency before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board

Many people who are serving a prison sentence in Illinois wish to be released early. Executive clemency (a pardon) or a sentence commutation (being released early from prison) are means to accomplish this goal. Seeking executive clemency or a sentence commutation involves submitting a written the Illinois Prisoner Review Board (PRB), and then appearing for a hearing. After the hearing, the PRB members make a recommendation to the Governor of Illinois, who then makes a final decision on the request.

People who are in prison are unable to personally appear before the PRB. However, their attorney can appear and can call their family members as witnesses to speak on their behalf. Having a well-written application and backing it with the right testimony at the PRB hearing can be the difference between success and failure. For that reason, many people hire an attorney to represent them before the PRB.

People who have completed their prison, jail, or probation sentence are also able to apply for executive clemency in Illinois. This is often done in order to remove a conviction that causing a person problems with career advancement, or as part of a gun rights restoration.

Regardless of the reason for appearing before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, the attorneys at Puryear Law are able to help. We have years of experience dealing with PRB applications and hearings in Illinois.

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