A Person is Innocent Until Proven Guilty in Criminal Cases

One of the most basic principles in the American legal system is that a person who is accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty.  This principle is the bedrock of our criminal justice justice system, and should be remembered by everyone who is involved in a criminal case.

Dealing with Fraud and Perjury in Family Law Cases

It is sadly common for an opposing party in a family law case to engage in conduct that is fraudulent or involves perjury (lying under oath).  Handling those situations properly, so that the lies do not result in an unfair custody, child support, or other outcome is of great

Fraudulent Practices Charges in Iowa

Fraudulent Practices is a crime in Iowa defined by Iowa Code section 714.8.  There are a variety of actions that a person can take in Iowa that will result in the charge of Fraudulent Practices. Those actions are defined by Iowa law as follows.

Dealing with False Domestic Abuse Accusations

False accusations of domestic abuse are common in divorce and custody cases in Illinois and Iowa.  Properly handling such accusations of domestic violence is of the highest importance.