The Importance of the Initial Conversation with Iowa DHS or Illinois DCFS

Having a DHS, HHS, or DCFS worker appear at your door can be one of the most upsetting and scary things to happen in your entire life. That is true whether you are a parent, a daycare provider, a nurse, or anyone else accused of some sort of child abuse/neglect or dependent adult abuse/neglect. Often, … Read more

Iowa DHS/HHS Appeal Hearings now take place by Video instead of Telephone

Historically, those appealing a founded or confirmed Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) or Health and Human Services (HHS) report of child abuse/neglect or dependent adult abuse/neglect had two options for their hearing: in-person in Des Moines, Iowa or by telephone. This year, the telephone option was eliminated and future hearings are being set by … Read more