What is a Motion?

Motions are a key part of just about every type of court case. This article discusses Motions in the Iowa and Illinois legal systems.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which is found at 50 U.S.C. sections 501-597b, was enacted to allow servicemembers to devote their energy to the defense needs of the nation and to provide for the temporary suspension of judicial and administrative proceedings, except criminal proceedings, that may adversely affect the civil rights of servicemembers during military service.

What to Do When A Judge “Gets it Wrong”

Judges can and do make incorrect rulings. Sometimes a judge’s rulings are factually inaccurate, and other times they include legal errors. There are actions that can be taken to when a judge “gets it wrong,” but the time limits are short so it is important to act swiftly.

Court Date Continuances

Continuance is the legal term for when a court date is rescheduled to some time in the future.  There are many reasons that a court date may be Continued, and continuances can have significant effects upon cases.

Resolving Disputes with Demand Letters Saves Time and Money

It is often possible to resolve a dispute without the need to resort to a lawsuit.  Avoiding such litigation though the use of properly drafted demand letters can allow a person to obtain the desired outcome swiftly, while avoiding the cost and delays associated

Service of Process

Service of Process is the legal term that refers to legal papers being given to a person who is involved in a court case.  Properly handling service of process is vital, as the court cannot and will not proceed with a case when there is not good service of process.

Emergency Consultation for Iowa and Illinois Legal Matters

At Puryear Law, we understand that many legal situations become emergencies outside of a law firm’s normal business hours.  Those situations often include criminal defense, divorce, child custody, emergency injunctions, DHS/DCFS accusations, and protective orders.  For situations that cannot wait, we offer emergency phone consultations for potential clients who have cases in Iowa or Illinois (in either state or federal court).

Avoid Defaults in Civil Cases

Those who have been served with papers in a civil case (e.g. a divorce, custody, child support, lawsuit, or other such case) should remember that there are strict deadlines that must be met to avoid a Default or other negative consequences in the case.

Safeguard Your Personal Information to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft affects tens of millions of Americans each year, costing billions of dollars.  In recent years, the number of breaches of personal information and the sophistication of identity thieves has increased dramatically, with no signs of stopping.  However, there are steps that everyone can take to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Honesty Towards Clients

As an attorney, I have many ethical duties.  These include keeping client information confidential, always acting in my client’s best interest, and being honest with my clients, just to name a few.  In particular, I take the duty to be honest with my clients extremely seriously.

Being Honest with One’s Attorney

As an attorney, I’ve seen a recurring theme: clients who are not fully honest with their lawyer. This is a problem because a lawyer who