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As an attorney, I have many ethical duties.  These include keeping client information confidential, always acting in my client’s best interest, and being honest with my clients, just to name a few.  In particular, I take the duty to be honest with my clients extremely seriously.

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That is because honesty is the foundation upon which trust is built, and trust is essential when working with an attorney.  I help my clients to understand that they must be completely honest with me, so that I can have all the facts that I need to properly help them with their legal matter.  At the same time, I understand that I must be completely honest with my clients, so that they can have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

I don’t “sugar coat” unpleasant news for my clients.  Instead, I give my honest assessment of their legal situation, and candidly offer my advice as to the best courses of action.  By doing so, I know that I am treating my clients the way that I would want to be treated.  I know that honesty leads to a good working relationship, which is vital when dealing with a complex legal issue. Experience also teaches me that my clients appreciate my honest evaluation of their case, and recognize that they need an attorney who will be forthright with them during every step of the process.

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