Finding the Right Courtroom in the Henry County, Illinois Courthouse

The court in in Henry County, Illinois is generally held at the main courthouse in Cambridge, IL, although there is also a satellite courthouse in Kewanee, IL that is used for some cases.

Generally speaking, criminal cases, divorce cases, child custody cases, general lawsuits, and most traffic court cases are held at the main courthouse in Cambridge, Illinois. It is located at 307 West Center Street, Cambridge, IL 61238. The courthouse is actually a combination of two buildings that are connected. One building is the old courthouse building, and a newer addition that was build more recently. There is a single entrance to the building that take one into the newer addition, where there are 2 courtroom located on the ground floor. To reach the courtrooms in the old courthouse building, one must take the stairs or elevator up a level, down a hallway, and then up one more level.

Some traffic court cases and similar matters are handled in the Kewanee, Illinois satellite courthouse, which is located at 401 East Third Street, Kewanee, IL 61443. This building is much smaller than the main courthouse, and contains a single room that is used as a courtroom.

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