Accepting Bribe Charges in Iowa

The crime of Accepting Bribe in Iowa is defined by Iowa Code Section 722.2 as following:

A person who is serving or has been elected, selected, appointed, employed, or otherwise engaged to serve in a public capacity, including a public officer or employee, a referee, juror, or jury panel member, or a witness in a judicial or arbitration hearing or any official inquiry, or a member of a board of arbitration who solicits or knowingly accepts or receives a promise or anything of value or a benefit given pursuant to an understanding or arrangement that the promise or thing of value or benefit will influence the act, vote, opinion, judgment, decision, or exercise of discretion of the person with respect to the person’s services in that capacity commits a class “C” felony. In addition, a person convicted under this section is disqualified from holding public office under the laws of this state.

A conviction for Accepting Bribe is a Class C felony in Iowa, which can carry a 10 year prison sentence. Beyond the criminal penalties, anyone who is convicted of Accepting Bribe in Iowa is also disqualified from holding public office in Iowa.

Accepting Bribe is a serious crime under Iowa law, and anyone who is accused of it is well advised to seek an attorney at once.

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