$3,000 Jury Verdict Against Lawyer Jack A. Schwartz for Legal Malpractice

After two days of trial, a jury in Rock Island County, Illinois returned a verdict on January 11, 2017 in case 2012LM63.  That case was a legal malpractice and breach of contract lawsuit against Jack A. Schwartz, an attorney from Rock Island, IL. The verdict was against Jack A. Schwartz for $3,000 was due to Mr. Schwartz’s improper handling of his representation of a former client of his.  The attorneys and staff of Puryear Law P.C. were quite pleased to help a deserving person obtain justice against Jack A. Schwartz for that legal malpractice.  Indeed, we felt so strongly that Jack A. Schwartz’s malpractice should be taken to court that we provided representation in that case on a pro bono (free) basis to the former client of Mr. Schwartz.  This case shows that justice will prevail in our legal system, and that no one is above the law.


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