$3,000 Jury Verdict Against Lawyer Jack A. Schwartz for Legal Malpractice

After two days of trial, a jury in Rock Island County, Illinois returned a verdict on January 11, 2017 in case 2012LM63.  That case was a legal malpractice and breach of contract lawsuit against Jack A. Schwartz, an attorney from Rock Island, IL. The verdict was against Jack A. Schwartz for $3,000 was due to Mr. Schwartz’s improper handling of his representation of a former client of his.  The attorneys and staff of Puryear Law P.C. were quite pleased to help a deserving person obtain justice … Continued

Jury Selection in Criminal Trials

In a criminal jury trial, it is the members of the jury who decide the guilt or innocence of the accused.  Selecting the jury is an important part of a person’s defense.

Jury versus Bench Trial in Criminal Cases

A person facing criminal charges can have either a jury trial or a bench trial.  Depending upon the nature of the charges and facts of the case, it may be wise to opt for one type of trial or another.