The Harm Caused by Iowa DHS and Illinois DCFS in False Child Abuse Accusation Cases

Accusations of child abuse, even when false, can have a profound and harmful effect upon many aspects of a person’s life.  For that reason, properly handling such false abuse accusations that are investigated by Iowa DHS or Illinois DCFS is of great importance.

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Firearm Sound Suppressors (“Silencers”) Legalized in Iowa

On March 31, 2016, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed the Hearing Protection Act, House File 2279, into law. The Hearing Protection Act legalizes the possession of sound suppressors and the use of sound suppressors for hunting in Iowa. This change bring Iowa into line with the 41 other states that

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Why DHS and DCFS are in Such a Hurry to Talk to People (Yet then take Weeks to Complete their Reports)

Iowa DHS and Illinois DCFS workers are often in a hurry to speak with a person who is being investigated for child abuse or neglect.  There is a reason for that rush, and it is not something that benefits justice or the person who is under investigation.

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